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The New iPhone Jail break tool


For all models of iPhone running OS 3.1.3. I have tried out the tool and it is the simplest jailbreak tool ever.
The one-click jailbreak process is quick and very straightforward.

To let you have an idea about jail breaking via Spirit, here is the jailbreak guide that walks you through the whole process.
But before that U wanna know the difference between JAIL BREAKING and UNLOCKING..,
I'll explain those things later in future blog! If u know abt jail breaking here u go
As usual, before you consider jail breaking your iPhone, remember to read the requirements carefully. If you have anything unclear, just leave ur comment!!

  • Make sure you are using iTunes 9.0 or up

  • You should be using either iPhone OS 3.1.2. or 3.1.3. For those using iPhone 3G/3GS and needs to stay unlocked, please remember NOT to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.3.

  • Your iPhone should be activated before using Spirit. That means, it should not be in the emergency screen or connect to iTunes screen 

    How to Jailbreak iPhone Using Spirit:

    Before you kick off the jailbreak process, remember to sync your iPhone with iTunes to backup all your data.

    Download Spirit jailbreak tool from here(Windows/Mac)
      1)Click the Spirit icon to launch the application
      2)Once the Spirit tool is launched, plug into your iPhone via USB and the tool detects your current iPhone OS version. To kick off the jailbreak process, simply click the “Jailbreak”button


    3)That’s it. Your iPhone will be restarted and goes through the Spirit jailbreak process.

      4)  Once completed, your iPhone is jailbroken with cydia installed.  


kala said...

easy way it seems.. will try this now...

jerry john said...

Basically, it’s a way of modifying the software running on an Apple phone so that you can do things with it that Apple either didn’t envisage or isn’t keen on allowing. The most common reason to jailbreak your iPhone is to run apps that otherwise you couldn’t get. Apple is reasonably strict about what third-party software it lets into the App Store, and many developers have fallen foul of its rulesunlock iphone 3gs verizon

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