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BlackBerry Booting error Solution!!!

I've had the "Reload Software: 552" error on 2 BlackBerry Curve 8900s.

It will pop up this error and doesn't allow to boot the system on

 When it occurred to me, this is what I did and got my mobile Back!!!

1. Reboot your BB:

alt-right Shift-del

2. Start a software reload from the Windows desktop, via the BB Desktop Manager.

When the reload started, I would get a screen on my BB showing 2 computers talking to each other. After a few seconds, this would crash into the 552 error.

3. 3-5 seconds into the software reload, CANCEL the desktop.

4. This should freeze the apps on both the desktop and the BB. The BB should still be showing the 2-computers.

If you do anything on the desktop at this point, the BB will crash into the 552 error again.

5. Terminate the desktop app processes via the Windows task manager. There are 4 RIM/BB processes to shut down.

6. At this point, the BB Desktop Manager app should be gone, and the BB should still show the 2-computers.

7. Now, start the BB desktop manager back up again, and initiate the software reload again ...

after updating new software your BB gotta be ready!!!!:)


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